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KEMH Medical Library: About the Library

Library Staff

   Karen Rickman

A/Head of DepartmentKaren works Monday to Friday. Karen can help you with queries regarding Library policy, access, memberships and purchasing resources for the Library.  She is the Liaison Librarian for Midwifery & Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health, Statewide Services and Women's Health. Contact Karen on 6458 1498 or

  Helen Adams 

eResources Librarian. Helen looks after the Library's electronic and subscription resources.She works Monday to Wednesday and Friday. Helen can help you with queries regarding access to the Library's online resources.  Contact Helen on 6458 1499 or

    Glenn Pass 

Liaison Librarian for Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and NeonatologyGlenn can help you with queries relating to collection development and library training in these areas. He is also responsible for purchasing books for departments. Glenn works Monday to Thursday and every 2nd Friday. Contact Glenn on 6458 1499 or

   Heidi Ross 

Library TechnicianHeidi is responsible for managing the Library's document delivery service, print journals and the processing of new resources. Heidi works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. She can help you with queries relating to interlibrary loans/ document delivery. Contact Heidi on 6458 1581 or

  Renae Clement 

Consumer Health LibrarianRenae manages the Women and Newborn Health Library, which is open to patients and the general public, as well as hospital staff. Renae can help you with queries relating to WNHL membership, borrowing and services and consumer health information and resources. She works Mon-Fri 9-3. Contact Renae on 6458 1100 or


About the Library

The WNHS Library Service

The WNHS Library Service consists of two libraries, the Medical Library and the Women and Newborn Health Library (Consumer Health Library).  

Medical Library

The Medical Library provides information to WNHS staff to support clinical decision making, research and study.

Open: M - F,  8am - 5pm  (excluding public holidays).

WNHS staff can Request After Hours Access 

WNHS staff and students can join the Library Here

For details of services see the Services page.

Ph: (08) 6458 1499

Fax: (08) 6458 1332


Location: R Block (demountable behind Agnes Walsh House), King Edward Memorial Hospital, 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco, W.A. 6008

See this map for directions.

Postal Address: PO Box 134, Subiaco W.A. 6904


Women and Newborn Health Library

The WNHL holds a large collection of pamphlets, books and DVDs on all aspects of women's and newborn health for patients and the general public.  Information is also available in over 40 languages. WNHS staff are able to borrow from the Women and Newborn Health Library.  Students attached to KEMH may use the Library but do not have borrowing rights.

Open: M - F, 9am - 12pm ; 1pm - 3pm (excluding public holidays)

Ph: (08) 6458 1100

Fax: (08) 6458 1124


Location: Main Corridor, Ground Floor, A Block, King Edward Memorial Hospital, 374 Bagot Road, Subiaco, W.A. 6008

Postal Address: PO Box 134, Subiaco W.A. 6904


Need Help?

Ask Us 

or phone 8 - 5, M - F: 6458 1499

Access from Home or Other Sites

WNHS staff with KEMH on-site computer log-in can access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.
  • If your on-site access is not working, please contact HIN.
  • If your access off-site is not working please follow the directions below.

WNHS staff located at another site, and staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working at KEMH will need to apply for EzProxy access via the following steps:

The form can only be accessed onsite:

  • Click on the Forms link top left WNHS Hub page.
  • Click IT Forms on left hand side under Other WA Health Forms
  • Under IT forms-frequently used (middle section) click on Computer access request (eHFN-030).
  • Log-in with your User Name (HE number) and Password used to access your work computer & email.
  • Click Change My Access.
  • From the Application Name menu select EzProxy 
  • Select King Edward Memorial Hospital.
  • Click Submit (bottom of screen).
  • If you experience any difficulties please contact the Library:                         

Collection Development Guideline

If you have any queries or wish to recommend an item for addition to the collection, please contact the Library: or phone 9340 1499 between 9am & 5pm M-F

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