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KEMH Medical Library: FAQs

Forms for Library Services


 Staff Registration / Request Articles

WNHS staff only - complete this online form to register with the Library & receive your login to request books & articles from other libraries. You need to do this even if you registered prior to January 2015 & each time your work details change.

  Student Library Registration

University students - complete this form if you want to borrow items from the Library. If you are completing a KEMH course or are also employed by KEMH you have access to all services & should complete the staff registration or contact us (M-F, 9am-5pm) on 6458 1499. 

 Request a Literature Search

WNHS staff only. Use this online form to request a specific search of the literature by a librarian. Any problems please contact us (M-F, 9am-5pm) on 6458 1499. 

 Request Training

We offer general training in library services, help with using specific resources, or can tailor training to your needs. Any problems please contact us (M-F, 9am-5pm) on 6458 1499. 

 Order a Book for your Department

Use this form if you want the library to purchase a book or journal to be stored in your department and paid for from your cost centre. Any problems please contact us (M-F, 9am-5pm) on 6458 1499. 

 Suggest a Book for the Library

Use this form to suggest a book, journal or DVD you think the Library should have. Please provide a reason for your suggestion. Any problems please contact us (M-F, 9am-5pm) on 6458 1499. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the relevant link below for a list of frequently asked questions about the following:

 Library Access  |  Online Access  |  Borrowing  | Books / DVDs / Articles  | Training | Other   LA

Library Access

When is the Library open?

How do I become a member of the Medical Library?

I am an obstetrician / midwife but not a KEMH staff member or student - can I access KEMH Library resources?

How do I get after hours access to the Library?

Can staff access / borrow from the Consumer Health Library (WNHL)?

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Online Access

How can I access the Library's online resources from home / at another hospital?

Does the Library have UpToDate?

I am a student at KEMH - how can I access the Library's online resources?

What resources can I access on my mobile?

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How many items (books, DVDs, journals) can I borrow & for how long?

How do I know when my items are due back & can I renew them?

Can I put a hold on a book / DVD / journal that is checked out to someone else?

Can I borrow a book from one of the other health libraries?

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Books / DVDs / Articles

I have a reference / citation for a journal article - how can I find out if the Library has the article?

How can I find out if the Library has a specific book / DVD ?

Can I request a book or journal article the Library doesn't have?

Which library do I request a book or journal article from if I work across 2 or more locations?

Can I request a literature search?

I think the Library should have this book / DVD / Journal - can I ask you to purchase it?

How do I order a book / DVD / journal for my department?

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What is EndNote & how do I get it for my computer?

Can I get help with EndNote?

Can I book a Library orientation / training session for staff / students?

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Does the Library have a photocopier / printer / scanner / fax machine I can use? How much does it cost?

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Need Help?

Ask Us 

or phone 8 - 5, M - F: 6458 1499

Access from Home or Other Sites

WNHS staff with KEMH on-site computer log-in can access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.
  • If your on-site access is not working, please contact HIN.
  • If your access off-site is not working please follow the directions below.

WNHS staff located at another site, and staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working at KEMH will need to apply for EzProxy access via the following steps:

The form can only be accessed onsite:

  • Click on the Forms link top left WNHS Hub page.
  • Click IT Forms on left hand side under Other WA Health Forms
  • Under IT forms-frequently used (middle section) click on Computer access request (eHFN-030).
  • Log-in with your User Name (HE number) and Password used to access your work computer & email.
  • Click Change My Access.
  • From the Application Name menu select EzProxy 
  • Select King Edward Memorial Hospital.
  • Click Submit (bottom of screen).
  • If you experience any difficulties please contact the Library:                         

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